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Rural adventures for city slickers. Roof Glazing.

At first I didn’t have much faith in this weekend’s trip to the countryside. Some friends had rented an old house or cabin or something, way out in some distant location in the country, and we were invited along. I am probably more enthusiastic about urban holidays to some big and vibrant city, rather than I am crazy about country living, so I wasn’t too happy about the idea.

But I took a posive attitude and went along to see what would happen. It was a long trip, but the scenery was nice and green. When we came to the cabin, I got my first surprise. I have had the idea in my head, that this would be an old farmhouse or beaten up rustic cabin, but it was not. It showed to be more like a wooden lodge of some considerable size and located practically on a beautiful lake and a with a adjacent river flowing by peacefully. The scenery was overwhelming.

Rustic wood & modern roof glazing

The lodge itself was built with logs and looked both solid and like it was built with good taste and a mind for design. It was spacious inside, all with a natural wooden feel to it and with a great fireplace in the middle of a grand living room. A great detail was that the lodge had roof glazing in part of the house, and between the solid wooden beams there had be installed rooflights and skylights by a company named Vitral. It brought sun and light into the house and made the whole place feel bright and almost cheery. Not at all like that dark, damp and almost gloomy cabin I had first imagined it would be.

So actually, the whole weekend took a positiv turn and I think it was because of that great lodge that made us all feel good and relaxed. Everyone enjoyed the amazing place and its setting on the lake. We went for walks in the surrounding hills, sat and had conversations on the terrace and made scrumptious meals in the open kitchen. Wine was poured, good stories were told and we all had a great time. I even found a small wooden dinghy by the lake, and tried to go fishing to see if I could bring back some fresh trouts for the Saturday night dinner. Very idyllic indeed, but not exactly successful, so we all ended up with beef steaks on the dinnertable.


roof glazing

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